SimpleMap Tracking


Simple vehicle and object tracking is now available for less than you may have thought.
If you own a fleet of vans or a group of walk about delivery agents
you can now keep track of them for the cost of a single sms..
With the Simplemap software and suitable unit, your objects are always within reach.

Multi compatible with 'Maplin TR-101, TR-102, TR-150',
'SpyTech pocket tracker', 'STEPP', 'Loomy', 'Trimtrack'
and any 'HV Type' units.

We are also able to offer a firmware upgrade to your TR-101/2 to enable more features and functions like
Geofencing, Low battery alerts, GSM Bug mode, journey Logging,, to name a few.
If you have any additional requirments please let us know.


About Me

Just a bit of blurb I typed about myself one day:

An Brief Introduction 01/01/1999

Hello there,
Firstly I should say that I do not put much effort into my Web site !
I would attach a Photo but fear of scaring the minds of the innocent has prevented this.

My background is Installation, development, design and production on
mostly automotive type products or applications along with a host of
handheld and PC based service tools for the mobile phone industry.

All this somehow led me into the GPS arena about 1992 assisting in applications development.

I have self-taught experience and a good understanding in the following.

All of my own software is written in VB6.

PC Assembler:
A little shakey these days but that stuff inspired me to take up programming so
it is buried in there if I need to understand things.

Pic Micro coding:
Virtually 100% in Assembler, not very portable but easy for me to understand.

Almost anything I make these days will have a Pic hanging off it.

My position within the workforce normally has no direct definition.
The term "Special Projects Manager" gets passed around a bit.

I am sometimes considered to be a menace that will investigate and
discover anything given the reason.

This is mainly to examine, understand and ask WHY?
Normally backed up closely with a couple of " What if 's ",
along with a stream of "if onlys".

Give me 10 mins with anything and I will generally fill a page or two.
Some of you, that know me, may have got this feeling already !!.

I have fair understanding and a relative appreciation of the processes involved
in the design, production and eventual rework of most things.

Believe me I do not know it all, I can't even spell correctly most of the time.
but I am good and picking up things that are new and un-discovered.

My desire is always to make something better, easier and with relative functionality
(Relative to the customer that is.)

I assure you that I am not trying to change they way that things are.

I am sure that things are the way they are for the best of reasons.
I just like to let the mind flow a little and
try to make the fullest use of all available technologies.

Ideas normal emerge raw with little pre thought and
mainly based on what I would like a product to do along with actual usage and perhaps
even occasional requests by the customer for features they require.

Recently described as 'Fuckin genius' but I think this may have been exaggerated.!



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