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07th May 2011

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Software Access keys are sold on the basis of the following conditions:
Software is MS32bit so should work on most MSOS,
but it has not been tried on VISTA or WIN7.
All keys are for a single machine only, they are non transferable and non refundable.
All Basic keys are supplied with a single vehicle database.
Additional Vehicle entry keys are available to increase the database size.

Cost for Basic and additional keys:
Basic including 1 vehicle entry GBP:45.00
Additional vehicle keys GBP:15.00 per vehicle

Family 5 - 9 vehicles Less 10%
Group 10 - 49 vehicles Less 15%
Midsize 50 - 99 vehicles Less 25%
Fleet 100 - 199 vehicles Less 35%
Bulk /reseller 200 ++ vehicles Less 50%

SimpleMap Installer

If you logon with incorrect details then you or your ip will be blocked from this site for ever.

Simple vehicle and object tracking is now available for less than you may have thought.
If you own a fleet of vans or a group of walk about delivery agents
you can now keep track of them for the cost of a single sms..
With the Simplemap software and suitable unit, your objects are always within reach.

Multi compatible with 'Maplin TR-101, TR-102, TR-150',
'SpyTech pocket tracker', 'STEPP', 'Loomy', 'Trimtrack'
and any 'HV Type' units.

We are also able to offer a firmware upgrade to your TR-101/2 to enable more features and functions like
Geofencing, Low battery alerts, GSM Bug mode, journey Logging,, to name a few.
If you have any additional requirments please let us know.

For best results a GSM modem is required to be connected.
It must be able to support
SMS (Mobile originated(MO) / Mobile terminated(MT))
Voice number dial.

Examples of supported modems are

Falcom Samba,
Falcom Twist,
Falcom A2D,
Wavecom terminals,
Siemens terminals,
Almost any PCMCIA GSM Card modem,
Almost any USB GSM/SMS modem.

If you have a modem that is not supported and if information is provided,
the software may be able to be changed to suit. (A cost may be incured).

The modem needs to be visible as a Com Port and assigned to a number lower than 16.

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